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falklands nop => Malvinas #69

Kinskitub opened this Issue · 4 comments

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please, "falklands islands" is the name of islands for the english's colonialism.
the argentinian name is Malvinas islands, the islands are Argentinian. This is clear.
Malvinas is the name.



"a British Overseas Territory"

I can't believe you registered a Github account just to open this tendentious issue on a small open-source project. What could it possibly accomplish?


no mister Paul. no just for that i registered here.
I can't believe that you thinks that call "Falklands" to the island is no tendentious at all.

just want to say to all people who use or follow or look and read your beatiful small open-source project : call "Falklands" to the island is tendentious too. is no supposedly impartial. is imperial.

regards Paul
sorry my english.


I think this issue was closed on 14 June 1982.


Well... No, is not closed. Sorry, Mister Browne. be open forever...
at least Margaret Thatcher was elected by the British. a dictatorial government unelected by argentinian people and backed by U.S went to war with england in 1982, not the people of Argentina.
(now you can think again, why stays open forever... )

all Latin America, from Mexico to Chile calls Malvinas to the Islands. the islands are here. the Name is Islas Malvinas.
In what way call the British to Isla Margarita (Venezuela)? Isle of Palms or Palmlands maybe? =)

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