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A sample application demonstrating the GraphQL Manifold
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A sample GraphQL application using Manifold GraphQL and SparkJava.


  • Demonstrates Schema-first and single source of truth solely with GraphQL schema files. No code gen step!, no POJOs, no annotations.
  • A GraphQL server with SparkJava is a natural fit with Manifold's GraphQL support as defined in MovieServer
  • GraphQL client code is made simple as illustrated in the MovieClient class
  • Rich development experience. With Manifold's IntelliJ IDEA plugin you can rapidly build queries and mutations with GraphQL. Quickly navigate between GraphQL schema files and usages in your code, refactor, find usages, code completion, incremental compilation, etc. All without the burden of a code generation step or maintaining POJOs -- your GraphQL schema files are your API!


IntelliJ IDEA

Manifold is best experienced in IntelliJ IDEA.

  • Install the Manifold IntelliJ plugin directly from IntelliJ IDEA:

    SettingsPluginsMarketplace ➜ search: Manifold

  • Close and relaunch IDEA

  • Open this project: manifold-sample-graphql-app

  • Be sure to setup an SDK for Java 11:

    Project StructureSDKs+JDK

  • Or change the pom.xml file to use a JDK of your choosing, Manifold fully supports Java 8 - 12

Running the MovieServer

  • Run the MovieServer class directly with Java
  • or load this project in IntelliJ and run the MovieServer class

Running the MovieClient

  • The MovieClient is a simple client to illustrate basic query building and execution.
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