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Manifold Sample Project (Maven, IntelliJ)

Utilize a small sampling of core Manifold features to demonstrate the structure of a basic project using Manifold. Use the pom.xml file as a template for your own project.

If you simply want to experiment with Manifold, this project will help get you started.

  • git clone
  • Open IntelliJ IDEA
  • Install the Manifold plugin from within IntelliJ: Settings | Plugins | Marketplace
  • Restart IntelliJ to use the plugin
  • Open the project you just cloned (open the root directory or the pom.xml file)
  • Add the Java 11 JDK: File | Project Structure | SDKs | + | path-to-your-Jdk11
  • Set the project JDK and language level: File | Project Structure | Project select 11 for both Project JDK and Project language level
  • Build the project
  • Examine the abc/ file

Use IntelliJ features such as:

  • Navigation
  • Code Completion
  • Find Usages
  • Rename and Move Refactor
  • Incremental Compilation
  • Hotswap Debugging
  • Template authoring
  • Extension method creation
  • ...
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