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Manifold : Simple Gradle Project

Demonstrates how to setup Manifold in a project using Gradle.

You can clone the project using:

Cloning the project using the command line

You can clone this project using the git clone command on the command line:

git clone

To build from the command line you may need to set your JAVA_HOME environment variable. The project uses Java 11, so make sure your environment is setup with a Java 11 JDK e.g., on Windows:

>set java_home=\path\to\your\jdk-11

Note Manifold fully supports Java 8 - 16. You can change the Java version in the build.gradle file to your preferred version.

To build run:

gradlew build

Cloning the project using IntelliJ IDEA

Note you should install the Manifold plugin before you get started with this project. You can install the plugin directly from within IntelliJ: Settings | Plugins | Browse Repositories | Manifold

Follow these steps to automatically clone and open the project from IntelliJ IDEA.

If you already have a project IntelliJ open, you can clone this project using the menu command:

FileProject from Version Control...

echo method

Otherwise, if you don't have a project open use the Get from Version Control link from the IntelliJ IDEA open screen:

echo method

Then in the Get from Version Control window enter the project URL:

echo method

Answer Yes in the following message box:

echo method

IntelliJ IDEA should clone and automatically load the project:

echo method

Note the project uses JDK 11. If you don't already have JDK 11 configured with IntelliJ, you'll need to set that up. Or if you prefer a different JDK, you can use a different one as you prefer -- Manifold fully supports Java 8 - 11. Remember to upate the build.gradle file to reflect the JDK you want to use.

Examine the build.gradle file

Examine the build.gradle file to understand how to use Manifold in your own Gradle projects. This project is quite simple and provides a basic structure you can use as a model.


A simple Manifold project defined with Gradle







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