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A library for signing URLs using ECDSA P-521 keys and SHA-512 encryption.


$ npm i @manifoldco/mamba


The sign function accepts a URL and a private ECDSA P-521 encryption key. It returns the same URL with a timestamp and signature in the query denoted by ts and sig, respectively. You can use a PEM or a DER key.

With a PEM key

import { sign } from "@manifoldco/mamba";

const signedUrl = sign(


With a DER key

Use formatPrivateDERKey, which accepts either a string or a buffer.

import { sign, formatPrivateDERKey, KeyType } from "@manifoldco/mamba";

const signedUrl = sign(


Follow the instructions below to contribute.


Clone the repo:

$ git clone

Then change into the directory and install dependencies:

$ cd mamba
$ npm i

Making Changes

All code files and tests are located in the src/ folder. After making changes, run the build command:

$ npm run build

This compiles the TypeScript to JavaScript and places it in the dist/ folder.


Please add tests for any new code you write. Run tests with

$ npm test

Note: you will need node 10.12.0 or higher in order to run the tests, which generate public and private keys for testing using functionality not available in previous releases.

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