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A minimal provider using Restify
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Sample Manifold Provider (Node.js/Restify)

This repo contains a a minimal provider using Restify and Node.js. It provides digital cat bonnets as a service; fun!

Testing the app with Grafton

Grafton is the test framework used to verify your provider implementation is correct.

Contact to get access to Grafton.

To use Grafton to verify this sample provider:

# create a test master key for grafton to use when acting as Manifold
# this file is written as masterkey.json
grafton generate

# MASTER_KEY is the public key creating by the grafton generate command
# Make sure to update this value after running grafton generate.
export MASTER_KEY=2LABDMv5jA2pIIF1+HoFk/5ilsfKTrMLOEQbrAAeA2E=

# CONNECTOR_URL is the url that Grafton will listen on. It corresponds to
# Grafton's --sso-port flag.
export CONNECTOR_PORT=3001
export CONNECTOR_URL=http://localhost:$CONNECTOR_PORT

# Set fake OAuth 2.0 credentials. The format of these are specific, so you can
# reuse the values here.
export CLIENT_ID=21jtaatqj8y5t0kctb2ejr6jev5w8
export CLIENT_SECRET=3yTKSiJ6f5V5Bq-kWF0hmdrEUep3m3HKPTcPX7CdBZw

# install dependencies and run the sample app
npm install
npm start

# In another shell, run grafton.
grafton test --product=bonnets --plan=small --region=aws::us-east-1 \
    --client-id=$CLIENT_ID \
    --client-secret=$CLIENT_SECRET \
    --connector-port=$CONNECTOR_PORT \
    --new-plan=large \
    --resource-measures "{\"storage\": 30, \"processing-time\": 5}" \

# If everything went well, you'll be greeted with plenty of green check marks!
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