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Verify signed HTTP requests from Manifold
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Verify signed HTTP requests from Manifold

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pip install manifoldco-signature


manifoldco_signature is built to be used with any HTTP handling framework. As such, you'll need to manually pass in request data in the format the Verifier expects.

In particular, header names must be lowercased and hyphen delimited, and query param names and values must be url-encoded.

If you're using a specific HTTP framework and would like native support for it included in this library, file an issue and let us know!

import manifoldco_signature as signature

verifier = signature.Verifier()

method = 'PUT'
path = '/v1/resources'
query = {}  # must be url-encoded
headers = {'host': ''}
body = 'request body'
valid =  verifier.verify(method, path, query, headers, body)
if not valid:
    # return unauthorized
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