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#About NetBeans Plugin Generate serialVersionUID

The plugin defines a code generator that will insert the code public static final long serialVersionUID = 0L ##Using the plugin

To invoke the Generator

  1. Open any Java (.java) Source file
  2. Press Alt-Insert (Ctrl-i on Mac OS X)
  3. Selected Generate serialVersionUID

Once you trigger the action the plugin will generate the code public static final long serialVersionUID = 0L and insert it at the end of the file.

##Getting the plugin ###From NetBeans plugin portal You can download the plugin from the Netbeans plugin portal ###Using the NetBeans plugin manager This plugin is verified for NetBeans 8.0.* and can be installed using the plugin manager.

  1. Start NetBeans
  2. Selected Tools->Plugins
  3. In Available Plugins tab, search for NetBeans Generate
  4. Select the plugin
  5. Click install.