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Demo showing how to transform templates in mule
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Mule Demo for Template Parsers

This demo project shows how templates can be used in mule and transformed into nice html pages.

Mule Velocity Template Parser

This custom transformer can parse templates written in Apache Velocity Template Language.


To use this transformer, apache velocity dependency needs to be added to project -


Using the transformer

Checkout the mule-demo-velocity-template-parser flow in in /src/main/app/mule-demo-template-parsers.xml.

In short, it can be included in your flow as -

<custom-transformer class="com.javastreets.mule.transformers.VelocityTransformer" doc:name="Java" mimeType="text/html">
	<spring:property name="templatePath" value="templates/vm/index.vm"/>

There are example templates at src/main/resources/templates/vm/.

Run Demo

Clone this project and build with mvn package. Deploy the mule application generated in target folder to mule and run http://localhost:8081/templates/vm. Here is a screenshot -

Mule Velocity Template Transformer

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