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A group of manim Chinese users (mostly active on bilibili)


👋 Hi

Manim-Kindergarten is a organization established by BiliBili video creators and manim enthusiasts who use manim to make popular science videos in China.

The video projects of our members are mainly published on BiliBili, and some of the related codes are uploaded and maintained on GitHub.

The organization currently contains about 500 members and 70 BiliBili video creators. The video subjects are mainly popular science types, distributing in many aspects such as mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, social science and so on.

We look forward to creating more and better popular science videos together. Welcome anyone who love manim to join us.

🙌 Projects

  • manim_sandbox: manim-kindergarten's communal repository containing some video codes and utils
  • manim_document_zh: documentation of 3b1b/manim's cairo-backend branch in Chinese
  • manim: ManimGL with documentation in Chinese
  • manim_action_renderer: GitHub Action to render manim videos (not under maintenance)


  1. manim_sandbox manim_sandbox Public

    manim-kindergarten's communal repository

    Python 411 75

  2. manim manim Public

    Forked from 3b1b/manim

    manim repository to generate Chinese document

    Python 111 12

  3. manim_document_zh manim_document_zh Public

    一份manim中文教程文档 / manim tutorial document in Chinese (完善中)

    Python 146 16


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