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Lumix GH3 stream package

If you have a Lumix GH3 camera you can stream a 640x480 image to your PC via WiFi.

The code in this repo is based on work of others

My setup is based on two WiFi cards one for connecting to the GH3 and one for connecting to the Internet.

Run make to compile the Java application.

You'll also need to build and install the akvcam and install ffmpeg.

You can use my slightly modified default config for akvcam akvcam_config.ini.

If your camera is in a different subnet then then you might have to change all the IP addreses in requests.html.

You might want to modify the depending on akvcam config and camera framerate.

  1. Load the akvcam kernel module
  2. Turn on WiFi on the GH3 and connect to it
  3. Run Control.html in a browser (keep it open)
  4. Run

This will stream the images (that come from camera as JPGs over UDP) into ffmpeg that will convert them into a videofile and supply it to akvcam.

In total it adds about 650ms delay to the image.

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