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QtSpell - Spell checking for Qt text widgets


QtSpell adds spell-checking functionality to Qt's text widgets, using the enchant spell-checking library.



To check spelling in a QTextEdit or QPlainTextEdit, proceed as follows:

// create a QtSpell::TextEdit instance
QtSpell::TextEditChecker checker;

// optional: set the language (by default, the system locale is used)

// attach to a QTextEdit or QPlainTextEdit
QTextEdit textEdit = new QTextEdit();

If you wish to use undo and redo on a Q{Plain}TextEdit with an attached QtSpell::TextEditChecker, use the undo and redo functionality provided by QtSpell::TextEditChecker, since the corresponding Q{Plain}TextEdit methods do not work correctly when spell checking is enabled.


QtSpell::TextEditChecker inherits from the abstract QtSpell::Checker class. You can derive from the QtSpell::Checker class, implementing the interface methods

  • QtSpell::Checker::checkSpelling
  • QtSpell::Checker::getWord
  • QtSpell::Checker::insertWord
  • QtSpell::Checker::isAttached

to create a spell checker for any other widget.

Build instructions

You need to have the enchant, as well as either or both the qt4 and qt5-qtbase development files installed. If you want to build the documentation, you need Doxygen. QtSpell uses CMake as the build system. From withing the QtSpell source directory:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install

By default, QtSpell is built against Qt5. If you want to build against Qt4, pass -DUSE_QT5=OFF to cmake.


Sandro Mani