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There is no source of knowledge about MS MVP program in Poland with a list of current MVPs, a program history or at least a simple explanation "what the MVP program is?". But let's face it... who cares? That is not really an issue.

My main motivation was to finally use NancyFx and Simple.Data in a real website, and this one seemed simple enough to fool around with those two awesome libraries during several pleasant evenings and not starting a several-months project.


The site is not yet publicly available - .htaccess access will be removed once we deal with layout/CSS crap and finish gathering all required data. But then again - all of the code is available here.


It is not intended to be a complex CMS will shiny user integration, forums, comments etc. It could as well be created using a bunch of static HTML files, but where's the fun then?

Feel free to play around and send pull requests if you have any interesting ideas for improvements. Some points of future interest are already added as issues, probably more to come.