Universal number Posit HDL Arithmetic Architecture generator
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Floating-Point to Posit Converter
Posit to Floating Point Converter



"Universal number (Unum) Posit HDL Arithmetic Architecture Generator"

Universal number system is proposed by Prof. Gustafson, which gone through a set of advancement as type-1, type-2 and type-3 unum. Posit is proposed under type-3 unum system.

More details on Unum can be sought from http://www.johngustafson.net/unums.html

Here, a parameterized Verilog HDL for Unum Posit number system arithmetic is under progress. At present, it includes the basic arithmetic of Floating-Point to Posit conversion, Posit to Floating-Point conversion, Posit addition/subtraction, Posit Multiplication. Addition module can also be used for subtraction, just by negating second operand.

At current, round-to-zero rounding method is incorporated in these units, which will be updated for other rounding methods soon.

The Infinity and Not-A-Number (NaN) cases are handled as per the exact Posit standards as provided in its original paper. According to it, Posit format does not support/include NaN, which is considered as Infinity in current HDL generation.

Posit standards are followed from the developer's paper which can be find at http://www.johngustafson.net/pdfs/BeatingFloatingPoint.pdf