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This is my Emacs configuration file.
I use Emacs mainly for Ruby on Rails development - this configuration reflects that.
I am an Emacs newbie and this the usual disclaimers apply.

To use this Emacs configuration:

Clone my git repo
- Clone this using a 'git clone git://'

Create symlinks for emacs configuration and directory
- ln -s Emacs-Configuration/.emacs ~/.emacs
- ln -s Emacs-Configuration/.emacs.d ~/.emacs.d

- I find the Droid Sans Mono Slashed to be a very good font. To install it go the fonts dir, unzip it and install it. ( On OSX you just unzip the file and double-click it )
- The .emacs configuration takes care of loading the font for you.

If you do not want to load the font, just comment out the "Load a nice font" section"