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Series Finder

Author: Manish Kumar



About the App

  1. This app is one kind of a small game with in 9 blocks player needs to find a sequence.

  2. Initially all the blocks should be covered with black color. Player does not know where is 1. After clicking on 1 game should start. And 1 will be appear.

  3. Numbers should be arranged randomly inside nine blocks covered with black boxes.

  4. After clicking on 1, Player should click on 2 and then 3 and so on. If he missed to click sequentially then all the blocks will be covered with the black color and game will be over.

  5. then again he needs to start from the 1. [ Give restart functionality ]

  6. After each successful step he will get 11 points and at last he will get 100 points.

  7. After uncovering all the blocks he will get one winning message.

  8. if he wants to play again then after clicking on reset button all the numbers inside the blocks should be rearranged. And let the player play a new game.


git clone
cd series-finder/
npm install
npm start
open http://localhost:3000


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