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1 parent 02d610b commit d4eb3c0b7d13d3898c14d6ea7bfbc1853394f4e8 @dhh dhh committed Sep 4, 2008
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5 activesupport/Rakefile
@@ -66,13 +66,8 @@ end
desc "Publish the beta gem"
task :pgem => [:package] do
-<<<<<<< HEAD:activesupport/Rakefile
-"", "public_html/gems/gems", "pkg", "#{PKG_FILE_NAME}.gem").upload
- `ssh './'`
-======="", "/u/sites/gems/gems", "pkg", "#{PKG_FILE_NAME}.gem").upload
`ssh '/u/sites/gems/'`
->>>>>>> e8bf065... Use personal server as temporary gem testing site until wrath get its shit together:activesupport/Rakefile
desc "Publish the API documentation"

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