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ToDo List for Manitou-Mail user interface

These features are identified as being desirable but not yet implemented.

If you're a C++/Qt developer interested in picking up an item, you're welcome to fork the source tree and send pull requests. Some items are easy, some others are more involved. Feel free to get in touch if you need help with the code.


  • Associate colors to tags. Colors should appear in the mail listview and in the message's webview.
  • Implement "Add tag" and "Remove tag" links/commands next to the tags line in the message's webview. Hide the tags's panel on the left.


  • Allow the execution of programs on the server from a controlled list as a filter action. The mailfile would be piped into the program. Programs could be run as a filter condition, too: the standard output could be taken as the result.


  • Browse the messages by their attachments (extension, content-type, date, author).
  • Delete individual attachments (need specific permission).


  • Auto-save.
  • Save named drafts.
  • Optional top-posting.
  • Forward messages as message/rfc822 attachments.
  • Spell checker (probably hunspell)


  • Implement spam as a specific message status with its own visual identification.
  • Browse messages in a calendar view (initial view=each day with its number of messages).
  • On partial body load, put the link to finish the load at the end of the message (in addition to the headers).
  • Implement "watched threads".
  • Have a configurable list of words that are permanently highlighted in messages.
  • Add a real addressbook.
  • Distribution lists: aliases for several addresses, possibly in large number. Could be accepted in mailings.


  • Update german translation.
  • Update spanish translation.
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