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pgstream v1.1 -- a C++ client-side library for PostgreSQL v7.4 or higher
Copyright(C) 2004-2012 Daniel Verite <>
See the file COPYING for distribution terms
What's pgstream
pgstream is a C++ library that is built on top of libpq.
It aims at providing programmers an easier interface than the libpq C
API when using C++.
pgstream features wrapper classes for:
- passing data back and forth the database through C++ streams.
- transaction support, including nested transactions.
- trapping database errors with C++ exceptions.
- reading and writing binary data (bytea columns).
- using cursors to efficiently retrieve large datasets.
- using prepared statements and bind parameters.
- automatically escaping query parameters.
It does NOT attempt to provide wrappers for all operations covered by
libpq, just the more common, but code using pgstream can be mixed with
direct libpq calls.
Also see the website: