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litttlebits power consumption revised 12/15/14
bargraph 26.4 ma (5 LEDs on)
number 19.47 ma
dimmer 0.64 ma
dimmer+servo (analog mode) 13.6 to 70 ma
dimmer+servo (pwm) 13 to 25 ma (servo stall 200+ ma)
dimmer+number+servo(analog) 0v 47ma, 1v 50-60ma, 2v 65-70ma, 4v 68-78ma, 5v 67-96ma
synth speaker 4.06 ma
keyboard no key 5.65ma low key 6.38ma high key 7.45 ma
oscillator low 8.76 ma high 11.03 ma
keyboard+oscillator+speaker press high key 40.2 ma
arduino (leonardo) 5v @ 16MHz, pins in OUTPUT mode
run 26ma (17ma @ 8mhz, 13ma @4mhz)
idle 19ma
power_down 0.68 ma
cloudbit 5v 2amp
(low power,default, 247MHz) 280ma (155 ma "steady state")
(hi power, 454Mhz) 402ma (steady 166 to 242ma)
with USB wifi removed: 160ma booting, 78ma to 133ma (flashing yellow)
you can read chip temp from ADC: low power: 103F high power: 119F
tempeature rises with CPU in tight loop
power data on other MCUs at
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