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A Command line To Do list tool for a hacker. Designed for those who like to do everything from the command line
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Hacker ToDo List

Hacker ToDo List is a command line to-do list, primarily for hackers who do not like to take their hands off the keyboard. Hacker ToDO List is available as a gem


Hacker ToDo List is integrated with github and all your todo's are stored as private gists. So, you need not worry about your to-do's when you switch from your office machine to your home machine. Just provide your github credentials, your todo's will be synced.


gem install hacker_todo_list


> require "hacker_todo_list"

> todo_list =

Username: manjunath-nm89

> todo_list.add "Create a ruby gem \nUpdate the version \nLearn to play Guitar"

ToDo added successfully.

Hacker ToDo List:
1. Create a ruby gem 
2. Update the version
3. Learn to play Guitar

> todo_list.delete 1 2

ToDo deleted successfully.    

Hacker ToDo List:
1. Learn to play Guitar

> todo_list.list

Hacker ToDo List:
1. Learn to play Guitar

ToDo Application

I have setup a client which uses the Hacker ToDO List gem. Check it out, this file can be made as an executable and used as a ToDo application.

> gem install "hacker_todo_list"
> echo "alias hacker_todo='ruby path/to/hacker_todo_list_client.rb'" >> ~/.bashrc
> source ~/.bashrc (or open a new terminal)

Now from anywhere, you can do,

> hacker_todo add "Go to the grocery store"
> hacker_todo delete 1
> hacker_todo
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