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Emacs plugin for moodle-destroyer-tools.

Converts a gradingfile.json into emacs org-mode and back to json.

  "assignment_id": "1337", "grades": [
    {"name": "Gruppe A", "id": 42, "grade": 100.0, "feedback": "Das war toll"},
    {"name": "Gruppe B", "id": 21, "grade": 0.0, "feedback": ""}
# -*- mode: org; -*-
#+STARTUP: showeverything
# Local Variables:
# eval: (moodle-destroyer-mode)
# End:


This is a note for grading

* Gruppe A
  :name: Gruppe A
  :id: 42
  :grade: 100.0

  Das war toll

* Gruppe B
  :name: Gruppe B
  :id: 21
  :grade: 0.0




Clone the repository and add the following to your init.el

(use-package moodle-destroyer
  :load-path "/Users/onze/Repos/moodle-destroyer.el/lisp"
        ("C-c C-c" . moodle-destroyer-org-to-json))
  :commands (moodle-destroyer-json-to-org
  ;; set custom name for org-mode gradingfile
  (setq moodle-destroyer-gradingfile-org-name "grading.org")
  ;; set custom name for exported json file
  (setq moodle-destroyer-gradingfile-json-name "grading.ex.json"))


  • moodle-destroyer-json-to-org

Interactive function to import a json-file.

  • moodle-destroyer-org-to-json

Interactive function to export the org-mode file to a new json file

Working with git-flow

This project uses git-flow as branching-model. Please make sure to always work on feature branches. We recommend git-flow AVH Edition. For detailed installation instructions have a look at https://github.com/petervanderdoes/gitflow/wiki.

To setup the project follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repository.

  2. cd into the repository directory.

  3. Run git-flow init accepting all default values.

If you like to add a new feature:

  1. Start a new feature with git-flow feature start <feature-name>. This will create a new feature branch.

  2. Hack your feature.

  3. Finish your feature with git-flow feature finish <feature-name>. This will merge the branch into the develop branch.