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A static website for movie stats

This repo generates a set of files that can be used to serve a static website. The data for these files is taken from various sources, and is specific to movies that have been reviewed on the podcast "How Did This Get Made?"

The site is currently hosted at so you should go check that out for the resulting information and graphs.

Configuring the build script

There's one Perl script that loads the current list of episodes from the HDTGM website and generates a JavaScript file of data for the site. The script grabs content from the API of, so if you want to run this script on your own site, you will have to create an account, log in, and create an API key to use in the script.

There's a variable in the script called $THEMOVIEDB_APIKEY, and you will not be surprised to learn that this is the place where you place your API key. However, if you plan on submitting changes to the Git repo, you don't have to put your key in and risk uploading your API key. You just generate a blank cache file, which is the very next section here!

Generating a blank cache file

If you want to generate a blank file, just run this command:

perl -c

And then you can edit the existing file. Reasons you would want to include adding in your TMDB API key, as discussed above. This file is read in at the start of the script and written out at the end, so any changes you make will likely have an impact on the running of the program.

Building the site

There are a few run-time flag arguments, but right now you can just run the script thusly:

perl -a

The script will generate both a regular JavaScript file and a min-ified version.

Cache files

The Perl script will also save some data to disk after it's come to a logical ending point. This is to allow you to re-run the script without having to reload all the data from online. Here are the files saved:

  • remote-html.txt -- the raw HTML received from the HDTGM website.
  • data.csv -- a tab-delimited file that's a parsed version of remote-html.txt.
  • -- a Perl file that's read in at the start of execution. Several in-memory variables are stored in this file.

And the JavaScript files that will be generated are named hdtgm-data.js and hdtgm-data.min.js.


Graphs and information about the films discussed on the podcast "How Did This Get Made?"




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