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EP Calipers for Microsoft Windows
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EP Calipers for Microsoft Windows


This is the Microsoft Windows™ version of EP Calipers. Versions for Android, iOS and macOS are also available.

EP Calipers provides electronic calipers for making measurements on images of ECGs or other recordings. Calculations such as mean heart rate and corrected QT intervals can be performed directly in the app.

EP Calipers is open source, and licensed under the GNU GPL v3 license..


The program no longer needs installation of Ghostscript on your computer in order to load PDF files. Ghostscript support files are included with the program.

Ghostscript is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3. Ghostscript source code and other information are available from

EP Calipers also uses Magick.NET, with source code available at Magick.NET is licensed with the Apache License V2.0.

The Apache 2.0 license is compatible with the GNU GPL v3 license, as is the AGPL v3 license. See for details.


All branches of the GitHub repository except for the epcalipers-2 branch are now closed branches and contain code for the first version of EP Calipers for Windows, ending with version 1.10. At present all new development and releases will be on the epcalipers-2 branch.


The Brugadometer is based on the work of Dr. Adrian Baranchuk and his colleagues at Queen's University Kingston, Ontario, Canada. It is used with Dr. Baranchuk's permission and encouragement. Please see [this article][] for more information.

Thanks to Dr. Michael Katz for the original concept, to Scott Krankkala for the idea behind marching calipers, and to Fred Cohen for helping to troubleshoot the application.


Copyright © 2016-2019 EP Studios, Inc.


David Mann, MD

Email: Website:

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