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Prompt based interview automator
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A python based terminal prompt app to automate the interview process.


Interviews suck, but are a necessary evil. Let's automate them. The idea is to use markov chain + NLP to formulate meaningful responses while making it easy for the interviewer to ask questions and document responses.


Environment Variables

Variable Description
INTERVIEW_BOT_EMAIL The email to send the interview transcript from (assumes gmail).
INTERVIEW_BOT_EMAIL_PASSWORD The password to above email address.
INTERVIEWEE The name of the person being interviewed.
INTERVIEWEE_EMAIL The email of the person being interviewed.

have the interviewer run python (or better yet, alias it for them) and an interactive shell prompt will take over. After receiving the users name and email (to send a log to), the interviewer can ask questions and receive computer generated responses from a sample text provided by the interviewee. In this way, the interviewee can spit out their thoughts as a stream of words and ideas and have the computer do the tedious task of delivering them to the interviewer.


  • markov chain sentence construction with configurable sentence length
  • "common questions" responses
  • repeat question detection
  • non question detection
  • custom question prompts to keep the interview going + limit amount of questions
  • automatically email a copy of the interview to both parties for record.
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