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Reddit provider for Powershell.

The aim is to create a command line Reddit clien, while also showcasing some of the features of Powershell.

Inspired from redditfs

##Sample screenshot

alt tag


The provider comes with the reddit: drive. You can start using the provider by cd'ing into the drive:

cd reddit:

Once in the reddit: drive, we can navigate to a subreddit of interest, say, powershell:

cd powershell
#cd reddit:\powershell

Getting the child items here will list the first 15 Hot items, by default, from the subreddit:

ls -all
ls -all | select -First 10

The -all parameter can be used to fetch all items in the subreddit. The output can be fed into a select to get only top 20, 50 and so on, as needed

We can get the New items using the -Type argument:

ls -type new

We can get the content of the items listed using their position in the listing:

cat 1
cat 1 -InBrowser

Using the -InBrowser parameter opens the post in the browser.

##What's in store?

  • More details for posts
  • Get content of external link in terminal
  • User log in
  • User actions
  • What else you need?