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1.06 - 11/10/12

  • Removed old undocumented cruft of ARG1..ARGN and ARGV.

  • Bugfix where logging_enabled could not be set from the importing module.

  • Disabled garbage collection before fork to prevent garbage collection in child process.

  • Major bugfix where cyclical references were preventing process objects (and their associated stdout/stderr buffers) from being garbage collected.

  • Bugfix in RunningCommand and OProc loggers, which could get really huge if a command was called that had a large number of arguments.

1.05 - 10/20/12

  • Changing status from alpha to beta.

  • Python 3.3 officially supported.

  • Documentation fix. The section on exceptions now references the fact that signals do not raise an exception, even for signals that might seem like they should, e.g. segfault.

  • Bugfix with Python 3.3 where importing commands from the sh namespace resulted in an error related to __path__

  • Long-form and short-form options to commands may now be given False to disable the option from being passed into the command. This is useful to pass in a boolean flag that you flip to either True or False to enable or disable some functionality at runtime.

1.04 - 10/07/12

  • Making Command class resolve the path parameter with which by default instead of expecting it to be resolved before it is passed in. This change shouldn't affect backwards compatibility.

  • Fixing a bug when an exception is raised from a program, and the error output has non-ascii text. This didn't work in Python < 3.0, because .decode()'s default encoding is typically ascii.