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% WARNING: Our version of rebar doesn't automatically report warnings, nor does
% it add erl_opts to eunit_compile_opts.
% WARNING: To compile on versions of Erlang/OTP older than R13B4, add
% {d,'NO_TYPES'} to erl_opts.
{erl_first_files, ["strip_types.erl"]}.
{erl_opts, [debug_info, report_warnings, {warn_format,1}, warn_export_vars,
warn_obsolete_guard, warn_unused_import, warn_missing_spec,
{edoc_opts, [{dialyzer_specs,all}, {report_missing_type,true},
{report_type_mismatch,true}, {pretty_print,erl_pp},
{dialyzer_opts, [{warnings,[unmatched_returns]}]}.
{clean_post_script, "./"}.
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