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%%% Copyright 2010-2011 Manolis Papadakis <>,
%%% Eirini Arvaniti <>
%%% and Kostis Sagonas <>
%%% This file is part of PropEr.
%%% PropEr is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
%%% it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
%%% the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
%%% (at your option) any later version.
%%% PropEr is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
%%% but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
%%% GNU General Public License for more details.
%%% You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
%%% along with PropEr. If not, see <>.
%%% @copyright 2010-2011 Manolis Papadakis, Eirini Arvaniti and Kostis Sagonas
%%% @version {@version}
%%% @author Manolis Papadakis
%%% @doc Parametric wrapper to orddict module.
%%% @private
%% When parsed by the typeserver, this becomes opaque (it's declared as a simple
%% type because dialyzer can't handle parametric opaque types yet).
-type orddict(K,V) :: [{K,V}].
%% This header is only included so that the strip_types parse transform will be
%% applied to this file as well.
%% API functions
-spec new() -> orddict(_K,_V).
new() ->
-spec is_key(K, orddict(K,_V)) -> boolean().
is_key(Key, Dict) ->
orddict:is_key(Key, Dict).
-spec to_list(orddict(K,V)) -> [{K,V}].
to_list(Dict) ->
-spec from_list([{K,V}]) -> orddict(K,V).
from_list(List) ->
-spec size(orddict(_K,_V)) -> non_neg_integer().
size(Dict) ->
-spec fetch(K, orddict(K,V)) -> V.
fetch(Key, Dict) ->
orddict:fetch(Key, Dict).
-spec find(K, orddict(K,V)) -> {'ok', V} | 'error'.
find(Key, Dict) ->
orddict:find(Key, Dict).
-spec fetch_keys(orddict(K,_V)) -> [K].
fetch_keys(Dict) ->
-spec erase(K, orddict(K,V)) -> orddict(K,V).
erase(Key, Dict) ->
orddict:erase(Key, Dict).
-spec store(K, V, orddict(K,V)) -> orddict(K,V).
store(Key, Value, Dict) ->
orddict:store(Key, Value, Dict).
%% TODO: This is too restricting.
-spec append(K, V, orddict(K,[V])) -> orddict(K,[V]).
append(Key, Value, Dict) ->
orddict:append(Key, Value, Dict).
%% TODO: This is too restricting.
-spec append_list(K, [V], orddict(K,[V])) -> orddict(K,[V]).
append_list(Key, Values, Dict) ->
orddict:append_list(Key, Values, Dict).
-spec update(K, fun((V) -> V), orddict(K,V)) -> orddict(K,V).
update(Key, Fun, Dict) ->
orddict:update(Key, Fun, Dict).
-spec update(K, fun((V) -> V), V, orddict(K,V)) -> orddict(K,V).
update(Key, Fun, InitVal, Dict) ->
orddict:update(Key, Fun, InitVal, Dict).
%% TODO: This is too restricting.
-spec update_counter(K, number(), orddict(K,number())) -> orddict(K,number()).
update_counter(Key, Incr, Dict) ->
orddict:update_counter(Key, Incr, Dict).
-spec fold(fun((K,V,A) -> A), A, orddict(K,V)) -> A.
fold(Fun, Acc0, Dict) ->
orddict:fold(Fun, Acc0, Dict).
-spec map(fun((K,V1) -> V2), orddict(K,V1)) -> orddict(K,V2).
map(Fun, Dict) ->
orddict:map(Fun, Dict).
-spec filter(fun((K,V) -> boolean()), orddict(K,V)) -> orddict(K,V).
filter(Pred, Dict) ->
orddict:filter(Pred, Dict).
-spec merge(fun((K,V,V) -> V), orddict(K,V), orddict(K,V)) -> orddict(K,V).
merge(Fun, Dict1, Dict2) ->
orddict:merge(Fun, Dict1, Dict2).
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