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The following people, in chronological order, have sent us patches or
pull requests that have been incorporated in PropEr's code base:
1. Joseph Wayne Norton
2. Yurii Rashkovskii
3. Ryosuke Nakai
4. Krzysiek Goj
5. Thomas Charbonnel
6. Samuel Rivas
7. Motiejus Jakštys
8. Dave Cottlehuber
9. Fredrik Linder
10. Jeff Hlywa
11. Ingo Struck
12. Giacomo Olgeni
13. Hynek Vychodil
We sincerely thank them for making PropEr a better tool.
In addition to code contributors, the following people have sent us
bug reports that have also improved the quality of PropEr.
1. Geoff Cant
2. Jorge Diz Pico
3. Adam Rutkowski
N. Matyas Markovics
Apologies to those who we forgot to mention; we can assure you it's
not intentional, we are simply getting older... If you want to be
mentioned here, simply report another bug! (There are probably many.)
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