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@@ -107,18 +107,9 @@ Quickstart guide
-A note about running PropEr from EUnit
+ See also the section common problems below if you want to run
+ PropEr from EUnit.
-[EUnit captures standard output][eunit stdout], so normally PropEr output is
-not visible when `proper:quickcheck()` is invoked from EUnit. You can work
-around this by passing an `{to_file, user}` to `proper:quickcheck/2`. For
- ?assertEqual(true,
- proper:quickcheck(your_module:some_property(), [{to_file, user}]).
-This will make PropEr properties visible also when invoked from EUnit.
Where to go from here
@@ -139,6 +130,15 @@ The main issue is that both systems define a `?LET` macro. To avoid a potential
clash, simply include PropEr's header file before EUnit's. That way, any
instance of `?LET` will count as a PropEr `?LET`.
+Another issue is that [EUnit captures standard output][eunit stdout],
+so normally PropEr output is not visible when `proper:quickcheck()` is
+invoked from EUnit. You can work around this by passing the option
+`{to_file, user}` to `proper:quickcheck/2`. For example:
+ ?assertEqual(true, proper:quickcheck(your_mod:some_prop(), [{to_file,user}]).
+This will make PropEr properties visible also when invoked from EUnit.
Incompatibilities with QuviQ's QuickCheck

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