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integer generator can't generate very large integers #82

puzza007 opened this Issue Feb 11, 2014 · 1 comment

2 participants


Because it uses floats, it seems.

1> proper_gen:integer_gen(1, -(1 bsl 2000), 1 bsl 2000).
** exception error: an error occurred when evaluating an arithmetic expression
     in function  random:uniform/1 (random.erl, line 112)
     in call from proper_arith:rand_int/2 (src/proper_arith.erl, line 242)


-spec rand_int(integer(), integer()) -> integer().
rand_int(Low, High) when is_integer(Low), is_integer(High), Low =< High ->
    Low + random:uniform(High - Low + 1) - 1.
kostis commented Feb 11, 2014

I consider this to be actually a bug in random:uniform/1 instead of PropEr.

Let's see what the people at the erlang-bugs mailing list have to say about it...

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