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Indices fix #31

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yrashk commented Apr 12, 2012

Reduces memory used by generator indices. Follow up to #19

Before the patch:

1> erts_debug:size(proper_types:vector(1000000,1)).

After the patch:

1> erts_debug:size(proper_types:vector(1000000,1)).

This makes sequence generation lazy, hence we don't waste memory if it is unnecessary.

Yurii Rashko... added some commits Oct 22, 2011
kostis commented Apr 16, 2012

Just a quick question: Is this pull request independent of #19 or it needs to be merged with it?

(I mean, can spawngrid/proper@7859a50 be merged on its own?)

yrashk commented Apr 16, 2012

As it is, it is not independent. However the same problem exists in vanilla PropEr (just in a slightly different and less obvious form). However, since as you know I really want to get #19 merged in, I see no point in providing two patches for the same problem. I'd rather have it merged with #19 (besides, this pullreq contains the commit from #19 anyway)


Merged the equivalent #35

@manopapad manopapad closed this May 1, 2012
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