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Changes to get eunit to work with coverage. #61

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bkearns commented Jan 4, 2013

I made some changes to allow rebar eunit with coverage turned on. I turned coverage on in the rebar config. I was compiling on a slow, loaded box, so the timeout changes in the proper_tests file might not be completely necessary on a faster machine.


kostis commented Feb 17, 2013

Thanks for your pull request.

We are curious (and a bit concerned) about the purpose of hard-coding {cover_enabled, true} in rebar.config. Do you need this for some specific reason or is it so that we get some idea what percentage of PropEr's code its test suite covers? (Note that this does not affect the tests of users, i.e. the application that is being tested with PropEr.)

We agree that it's probably a good idea to see at some point what percentage of PropEr's code base is covered by its test suite but we doubt that cover should be enabled by default, since it makes the tests run about 4 times slower (at least on my machine).

Also, it seems that it results in an error when one issues a make tests command:

 ERROR: Cover analyze failed for to_remove: {not_cover_compiled,to_remove}: "/home/kostis/proper/.eunit/to_remove.beam"

Do you also get this error, or is it just my bad luck?

@kostis kostis was assigned Mar 31, 2013
@bkearns bkearns closed this Apr 11, 2016
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