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I have just go through code and spot some places which I think can be simplified and improved little bit.
Please review and pull.
With best regards
Hynek Vychodil

pichi added some commits Nov 27, 2013
@pichi pichi Transform lists:reverse(X) ++ Y to lists:reverse(X, Y)
It's 10-50% faster (typically 25-40%) and halves memory GC pressure.
It has small effect to overall performance (26.9s vs 28.7s in proper_tests)
but low hanging fruit and just bothers me.
@pichi pichi Simplify zip/2 function.
Tail call recursion + lists:reverse/1 is no longer fastest on all
@pichi pichi Process parallel job results in same order.
First spawned processes should be scheduled in same order and also they
results or fails will be in same order in message queue. This code is
simpler and makes more efficient processing of results or killing in error
@pichi pichi Simplify add_exports/1 transformation. 2da2027

Thanks for your pull requet. All parts of it with the exception of the zip/2 change are clear improvements.

We could discuss/argue about the zip/2 change, but I have better things to do...

I will merge it as is. Thanks again!

@kostis kostis merged commit 7d6a02e into manopapad:master Dec 7, 2013
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