Script to analyze AWS reserved instance utilization
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Note: not maintained any longer. See issues for what needs updating.

Script to analyze reserved instance utilization.

Currently: assumes 1-year heavy utilization reserved instances.


  • Reservations that aren't being used (and the total monthly cost/waste)
  • Running instances that aren't reserved
  • Cost savings if you were to reserve all running on-demand instances
  • Time to recoup up-front reservation costs

JSON Data is downloaded automatically from and has support for all regions at time of writing


You'll need to install boto and texttable:

easy_install boto
easy_install texttable

Then configure boto with your AWS key:

cat <<EOF > ~/.boto
aws_access_key_id = foo
aws_secret_access_key = bar


Run with defaults:


Exclude instances with security group matching -e :

./ -e '^ElasticMap.*'

Run in us-west-2:

./ -r us-west-2

List all reserved instances and exit:

./ -l

Operate only on VPC instances/reservations:

./ --vpc