Example of using pyinotify to emulate GNU tail -F (follows rotated log file)
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NOTE: see https://github.com/manos/varnish-statsd-graphite-logger for a more evolved example
of the inotify stuff. (TODO: update this to fully emulate GNU tail)

This script emulates tail -F (follows log files that have been moved, then 
created again, a la logrotate), as an example of how to use pyinotify.

Note the strangeness in that you can't watch an individual file with
IN_MOVED_SELF -- pyinotify will error with "file moved and we can't
track it, and therefore can't trust it.. track the directory instead."

Therefore, we track the directory and parse the IN_MODIFY path to verify
the event relates to our specific file.

(pip install pyinotify)
./tail-F_inotify.py /path/to/file [--debug]