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An Atom package to jump to CSS, LESS, SASS groups like CSSEdit.
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CSS Edit Groups - Atom Package Build Status

An Atom editor package to jump to CSS, LESS and SASS @group markers like CSSEdit.

Whenever you are inside a CSS, LESS or SASS file that contains CSS Edit's group information (like /* @group Headings */ ) press cmd-L and you will be presented with a navigation list to jump around within the CSS file.


/* @group Colors */

    // Theme Colors
    @ThemeBlue: #0a65a3;

    // Colors
    @White: #FFF;

/* @end Colors */

/* @group Navbar */

    .navbar {
        background-color: @ThemeBlue;
        color: @White;

/* @end Navbar */

Snippet Included

It's really simple to create a group. All you have to do is type group and press tab. Then the snippet will automatically get created and all you have to do is type the name of the group. It is automatically typed in the start and the end of the group.

/* @group MyCustomGroup */

/* @end MyCustomGroup */

Default Keybindings

By default the keybinding for this package is cmd-L.

Note: This will override the atom's default Select Line keybinding. If you do use this keybinding then read the next section on how to put it back and set a custom one for css-edit-groups.

Override Keybindings

Open your keymap from Atom -> Open your keymap. The example below resets Atom's default keybinding for cmd-L and sets css-edit-groups to shift-cmd-L.

  'cmd-l': 'editor:select-line'
  'shift-cmd-l': 'css-edit-groups:toggle'


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