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Ubuntu desktop setup using Ansible
Vim script Shell
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My Ubuntu Setup

This is a script written for a new Ubuntu setup using Ansible. While I have tried to automate most of the things, there are still some manual steps that you might have to do according to your preferences.

How to use

  1. Edit the setup.yml file in this repository and un-comment all the items you want to install to your machine.
  2. While running on a fresh Ubuntu machine / VM, it's better to run ./run-all after cloning this repository. If you have python, python-pip, ansible (>=2.8) and git installed, you can simply run ./run in the terminal.

Manual operations

Things that you can install using this script

  • deeplearning: deep learning setup for machines with GPUs
    • anaconda
    • nvdia GPU driver
    • tensorflow-gpu
    • keras
  • programming languages
    • java
    • Golang
  • Ubuntu aliases
  • text editors:
    • vim
    • atom
    • vscode
    • sublime text
    • notepad++
  • web browsers
    • google chrome
    • brave
  • cloud
    • docker
    • kubectl
    • minikube
    • microk8s
    • aws-cli
  • design
    • gravit-designer
    • darktable
    • gimp
    • inkscape
    • polarr
  • devtools
    • anaconda
    • nodejs
    • latex
    • postman
    • eclipse
    • git
    • jetbrains toolbox
    • jupyter
    • vagrant
  • themes and stuff
    • desktop themes
    • gnome desktop
  • utilities
    • gparted
    • shutter
    • skype
    • slack
    • snap store
    • virtualbox
  • enternainment
    • spotify
    • vlc
  • terminal
    • terminator
    • zsh
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