TCP server implementation in C
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TCP server implementation in C

How to run

  • Navigate to the repository using a terminal.
  • Create a directory called build or something else you like, and navigate into it.
  • Run cmake ..
  • Run make to build executables.
  • Run the server like this:
> ./tcp_server_runner 8081 /path/to/dir &
  • The above command will host all the content present in the specified directory.
  • Now you can access any file with the following extensions using the address inside the specified folder:
    • gif
    • jpg
    • jpeg
    • png
    • ico
    • zip
    • gz
    • tar
    • htm
    • html
  • You can also access the contents of the index.html file, if present, in the specified folder using the generated executable tcp_client.
    • To access a different file using the executable, you can change the command variable in src/client.c.