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Single Div CSS

☝️ One <div>. Many possibilities.

What is this?

This project focuses on exploring all the possibilities that can be done with a single <div> element using CSS only.


  1. Great way to explore CSS properties.
  2. Restrictions forces you to learn new properties and different ways to do particular styling.
  3. Because we can.

How to contribute?

Please go through the Contributions guidelines before sending a pull request.

Reddit threads

  1. What all can you do with a single <div> element using pure CSS? Check this out! on /r/programming/
  2. One <div>. Many possibilities. on /r/web_design/
  3. One <div>. Many possibilities. on /r/coolgithubprojects/



Project Name Your Name / Github Handle Demo/Gif
Battery manrajgrover
Hamburger Menu manrajgrover
Magnifying Glass kamito98
New Instagram Logo manrajgrover


Project Name Your Name / Github Handle Demo/Gif
Awesome Dots manrajgrover
Bouncing Ball mtacchino
Box Loader AnubrataDS
Clock richardj
Dot Loader aaroniker
Fill up manrajgrover
Iron Factory NorthernTwig
Revolving Circles dcrousso
Revolving Dots dcrousso
Ripple Effect manrajgrover
Play Loader manrajgrover
Simple Spinner manrajgrover
Simple Text Loader manrajgrover
Melting Ice Cream Loader TaranVohra


Project Name Your Name / Github Handle Demo
Armenia manrajgrover
Austria manrajgrover
Bahamas manrajgrover
Bangladesh manrajgrover
Belgium AndyMathys
Brazil esganzerla
Bulgaria manrajgrover
Chile adavis46
Canada Scott Kaye
Cameroon 1forh
Colombia DHernandex
Czech Republic fadilf
Denmark jacksarick
England TheWebartist
Finland jacksarick
France manrajgrover
Germany manrajgrover
Greece jdhoek
Hungary jabbalaci
India fadilf
Indonesia karuna
Ireland skeevey
Israel hillai
Italy manrajgrover
Ivory Coast skeevey
Japan manrajgrover
Laos jamcgrath
Latvia vasiljevs
Lithuania fosron
Nigeria skeevey
Pakistan ObaidAshraf
Poland mschweichler
Puerto Rico aallfredo and jorluiseptor PuertoRico
Russia ad222kr
Senegal Death259
South Africa DHernandex
Sierra Leone ts96
Suriname adavis46
Sweden jacksarick
Switzerland thijswerrij
Syria iSWORD
Taiwan amowu
Texas domspad
Thailand jamcgrath
The Netherlands jdhoek
Turkey mehmetuken
United Kingdom jdhoek
United States of America jdhoek
Yemen Death259


Project Name Your Name / Github Handle Demo/Gif
Box Breathing gnclmorais


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