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3D Studio Objekt
Config LBB Files
Little Biker Boy
Work utveckling
Little Biker Boy.dsw
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Little Biker Boy.sln
Little Biker Boy.suo


This is a school project developed in Visual Studio 6 during my latest year in high school. I found it on one of my backups from that time and put it on github for better backup security an maintainability.

The are a number of projects in this repository:

  • Config LBB Files - Application to update the game config files.
  • Little Biker Boy - The main Application
  • Screen - Don't remember but might be a test project
  • Work utveckling - code testing and development project

This is a raw copy of how the folder structure was on my computer when we where done. There is not much of a history since we didn't use any versioning system at the time.

This is released under GPL3.