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nonviral cocoa source for implementing an application feedback panel (for bugs, feature requests and support)
Objective-C PHP
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is a nonviral (MIT license) drop-in source code package which provides an in-application user feedback mechanism for Cocoa apps. It puts up a panel something like this:

It supplies the panel (in .xib form), the Objective-C controller code and even the .php file to put on your web server to turn those web form posts into email messages (just replace YOUR_(FEEDBACK_) with whatever you want).

Requires 10.5.

Please report bugs and request features on the Lighthouse JRFeedbackProvider project site.

Version History

  • 1.1

    • [NEW] Set the user's reply address in the server-side PHP script. (Michael Zornek)

    • [FIX] Assertion failure if user clicks "Send" button and without waiting click the "Cancel" button. (Oleg Krupnov)

    • [CHANGE] Change "Submit" button to "Send" to be more respectful of the user. (Oleg Krupnov)

  • 1.0 Original release

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