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Windows DRBD (WDRBD)


WDRBD is a software-based, shared-nothing, replicated storage solution mirroring the content of block devices (hard disks, partitions, logical volumes etc.) between hosts by network transport(TCP/IP).


DRBD has been developed and maintained by Linbit(http://www.drbd.org/), currently can be only used in linux platform, included in Linux kernel and then we have ported DRBD to Windows DRBD. Most of DRBD's functionalities are implemented to WDRBD, except for OS dependent things


  • Environment : Windows 7 or higher
  • tools : Visual Studio 2013 with update 5, Windows Driver Kit 6.3, Cygwin version 1.7.30, goto wdrbd9 directory and open wdrbd9.sln, config 32 or 64 properly, finally build drbd.sys


  • WDRBD include install4j script source code. and then you can build WDRBD package individually.
  • Alternatively you can download WDRBD builded-package from github's download link


  • select target platform. WDRBD packages(install4j) is composed of 32/64 bit environment.
  • install package (windows service(drbdService daemon) will be installed automatically)
  • reboot required.

Download & Documentations

Debug & Tests

  • setup WinDbg debugging environment
  • copy drbd.sys to "install forder"/drbd/bin on target host.
  • goto target host
  • open cmd.exe window with administrator privilege
  • chdir "install folder"/bin
  • install.bat
  • reboot


Man Technology Inc.(http://www.mantech.co.kr/)


This project is licensed under the GPL v2