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package manticore
import "fmt"
// Keyword represents a keyword returned from BuildKeywords() call
type Keyword struct {
Tokenized string // token from the query
Normalized string // normalized token after all stemming/lemming
Querypos int // position in the query
Docs int // number of docs (from backend index)
Hits int // number of hits (from backend index)
// Stringer interface for Keyword type
func (kw Keyword) String() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("{Tok: '%v',\tNorm: '%v',\tQpos: %v; docs/hits %v/%v}\n", kw.Tokenized, kw.Normalized,
kw.Querypos, kw.Docs, kw.Hits)
func buildKeywordsRequest(query, index string, hits bool) func(*apibuf) {
return func(buf *apibuf) {
buf.putBoolDword(false) // fixme! FoldLemmas
buf.putBoolDword(false) // fixme! FoldBlended
buf.putBoolDword(false) // fixme! FoldWildcards
buf.putDword(0) // fixme! ExpansionLimit
func parseKeywordsAnswer(hits bool) func(*apibuf) interface{} {
return func(answer *apibuf) interface{} {
nkeywords := answer.getInt()
keywords := make([]Keyword, nkeywords)
for j := 0; j < nkeywords; j++ {
keywords[j].Tokenized = answer.getString()
keywords[j].Normalized = answer.getString()
keywords[j].Querypos = answer.getInt()
if hits {
keywords[j].Docs = answer.getInt()
keywords[j].Hits = answer.getInt()
return keywords
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