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The official Manticore Search Homebrew Tap
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The Manticore Search Homebrew Tap

This is a custom Homebrew tap for Manticore Search. Please note that this tap compile Manticore and don't use bottle. It will install dependencies required for compiling. An official formulae will be added to homebrew-core in future.


To add the custom tap:

$ brew tap manticoresoftware/tap

Installing Formulae

$ brew install manticoresearch

To start as service:

$ brew services start manticoresearch

The configuration is located at /usr/local/etc/manticore/sphinx.conf

Additional dependencies for indexing are mysql@5.7, libpq and unixodbc.

Please note that the replication feature is not available on MacOS.

Additional Information

This tap was created using the Homebrew documentation on How to Create and Maintain a tap.

You can find additional information in the Homebrew project README.

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