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Mantid Technical Steering Committee

The Mantid Technical Steering Committee is responsible for providing recommendation for the technical direction of Mantid.


The Technical Steering Committee is responsible for the following documents and processes:

  • To come up with the best technical solutions for a given major and submitted problems.
  • Provides answers to technical questions posed by the Project Management Board.
  • Provides recommendations on infrastructure and processes.
  • Deals with pull requests from entities that are outside the Mantid partnership.
  • Reviews and approves all Design Documents before implementation of proposed features.
  • Approves changes to the 3rd Party dependencies of Mantid, and makes recommendations for changes / updates.

The Mantid Technical Steering Committee operates on the following basis:

  • The Committee meets at least every two months online.
  • The Committee meets at least once a year in person.
  • The Technical Steering Committee can be reached via a mailing list.
  • Each partner facility has the option to provide an employee to sit on the Committee, with the overall membership to be representative of the resources invested by the facilities.
  • The Committee will elect a chair, who should be an employee at one of the partner facilities.
  • The Committee chair (or delegate) will attend the Mantid Project Management Board meetings.
  • The Committee reports to the Mantid Project Management Board.
  • The regular Technical Committee meetings are open to all interested parties, but the Committee seeks only to find consensus amongst Committee members, and representatives from the team that submitted any proposal under consideration.
  • The members of the committee should have to an deep technical knowledge and experience over a wide range of programming, best practices and infrastructure areas.
  • Acts as an arbitration/triage point for old, controversial and large issues.
  • If the committee cannot come to a majority consensus, then the issue will be raised at the PMB.


See here for the list of current members.

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