Bug fix for default values of prompt peak correction for LOQ #19141

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AntonPiccardoSelg commented Mar 14, 2017

Fixes #19138

The prompt peak correction was not performed correctly for LOQ. This makes sure that the default values for the monitor normalization for LOQ are set up correctly. This is a regression from M3.8

To test:

Testing this is a bit involved. You will require the test files from here:smb://olympic/babylon5/Scratch/Anton/LOQ_Prompt_Peak_Fix
Note that this folder also contains a Windows installer which you can use for testing.

We will be running a test script for this version, for 3.9.1. and for 3.8. Since you can easily install several versions of Mantid next to each other on Windows, that might be a good platform to test this PR.

  1. Run the following script in each version. Make sure that the test data is in the Mantid path:
import ISISCommandInterface as i_old
import SANSBatchMode as i_old_batch
MASKFILE = FileFinder.getFullPath('MASKLOQ_MAN_133E_Hornqvist_6mm_Furnace_MERGED.txt')
BATCHFILE = FileFinder.getFullPath('reduce_fe35cr_500c_merged_2.csv')
i_old_batch.BatchReduce(BATCHFILE, format='.nxs', saveAlgs={"SaveCanSAS1D": ".xml"}, combineDet="merged")
  1. M3.9.1 and the version with the fix will output a workspace wit the name 80523_merged_hab, the equivalient workspace on M3.8 is called 80523_merged_front. Save the workspaces to file for each version

  2. Load the three files into any version and plot the workspaces against each other.
    Confirm that the workspace from 3.8 and the fixed version overlap. Confirm that the workspace from 3.9.1 is off.

The output should look like this



Note that the red and the black line overlap and therefore only the red is visible

Release notes

See here


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DavidFair Mar 31, 2017


Run the script in Mantid 3.8 and 3.9 and observed the expected differences
This PR correctly fixed the results.


DavidFair commented Mar 31, 2017

Run the script in Mantid 3.8 and 3.9 and observed the expected differences
This PR correctly fixed the results.

@NickDraper NickDraper merged commit 8894294 into master Mar 31, 2017

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@NickDraper NickDraper deleted the 19138_prompt_peak_loq branch Mar 31, 2017

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