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Remove old issues based on age and status
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DatabaseCleanup plugin for Mantis issue tracker

The main usage for this plugin is to remove issues that reached a predefined
status and age.

This plugin can purge a large number of issues, along with their comments,
attachments, and all other related data **without any confirmation**.
Please make sure to backup your database before testing the plugin.

As with other plugins, it is enough to download or unpack the plugin in the
plugins/ directory of your existing mantis installation

All the tunables for the plugin are accessible from the Manage Plugins page

However, it is always possible to define configuration variables in
config_inc.php; those will named:

$g_plugin_DatabaseCleanup_<variable name>

where the actual variable names are given below

Configuration variables
*   default_expiration_period
    bug expiration period, valid for all projects. It is possible to use
    natural language like 'one year' or '6 months' as understood by the
    strtotime() PHP function. A value of '0' disables the plugin.

*   reference_date
    timestamp to use as reference. Can be either the string 'date_submitted'
    or 'last_udpdated'

*   minimum_status
    only bugs above this status will be deleted

*   run_as_user
    run script as the given user was logged in. Needs delete privileges
    for all projects

*   admin_email
    if set, send a summary email to the administator with a CSV attachment
    detailing issues deleted

*   run_delay
    delay in hours between consecutive runs of the script. This is a security
    measure against DoS attacks

*   secret_key
    a shared secret string, used to authorize clients to run the cleanup

Testing cleanup
When everything is configured, it is possible to test the procedure by
opening the page:


you will be able to check if the call has all the required parameters (see
below) and see the cleanup summary with the sample CSV that will be sent to
the administator

Running the cleanup operation
In order to trigger the cleanup operation, you need to call the URL:

where XXXXX is a random string (for security purposes, we suggest using a
different one at each run) and sig is call signature, defined as:

md5(secret_key + key)

There is a convenient script in the cron/ directory that can be
used to trigger periodically the cleanup script
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