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MantisBT EmailReporting Plugin


The EmailReporting plugin allows you to report an issue in Mantis by sending an email to a particular mail account.


  • Create an issue
  • Add notes to an existing issue
  • Add attachments
  • Filter email accounts


EmailReporting v0.10.0 and later versions:

  • MantisBT 1.3.0 or higher

EmailReporting v0.9.x:

  • MantisBT 1.2.6 or higher


  • PHP 7 is supported from EmailReporting 0.9.2 and higher
  • MantisBT 1.3.x is supported from EmailReporting 0.9.2 and higher
  • Preliminary support for MantisBT 2.0.x is available from EmailReporting 0.9.3 and higher. This is not ready for production environments. Please report any issues encountered.
  • Full support for MantisBT 2.x.x is available from EmailReporting 0.10.0 and higher.

EmailReporting v0.8.4 and earlier versions:

  • MantisBT 1.2.0 until 1.2.5

All versions:

  • Ability to set scheduled / cron jobs on the webserver


The stable releases can be downloaded from the GitHub downloads page: The development versions are not meant for production environments. Use at your own risk

Source code

EmailReporting plugin is hosted in GitHub along with other MantisBT plugins. GitHub URL:




Please use forum to get help in installing and using EmailReporting plugin. Visit EmailReporting Forum

Bug Tracker

To report an issue or feature request for EmailReporting plugin, visit Mantis BugTracker. (Make sure that you select the correct project from the drop-down)